[1.] Planned and created a legal practice support systems framework to enable one of Canada's law firm achieve the status as Canada’s largest legal firm, with multiple national and international branches, including an office in Moscow.
[2.] J&A is a member of the team which developed and maintained a Grants management information system for Industry Canada, which currently administrates 9 Federally funded multi-billion dollars programs.
[3.] Developed a Web-based Licensed Occupations Information System (LOIS) for the US Department of Labor, which has become an integral part of the US Core Labor Market Information.
[4.] Developed and supported the billing system of the 1-900 services for Canada’s national telecom companies to capture revenue of up to $1 million per day.
[5.] In partnership with Xander Teleworks Inc, J&A has developed and continues to maintain national Web-based “Notices to Mariners” database application for Canadian Fisheries and Oceans which provides mandatory information and updates to the navigational charts of all commercial water vessels operating in, or entering Canadian jurisdictions.